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1721 Caroline Street
Mandeville, Louisiana 70448

Hello. I’m Rebecca Barclay Choate, owner of RBC Design. I created to showcase my graphic design portfolio. I am a freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer specializing in advertising, logo development, website creation, billboard composition, annual reports, and magazine presentation, whether it’s just a simple ad in an existing publication or your own company’s magazine. My favorite projects combine all these areas to create a cohesive, comprehensive marketing campaign.

I focus on creating unique designs—trying to push limits, resulting in new creative ideas.

My career as a designer began in 1989 and has evolved in three main areas: Art Direction, Graphic Design and Branding. I utilize all forms of communication, including the internet, print, broadcasting, and multimedia, to present information in a way that is both accessible and memorable. I provide brand identities and visual expressions that enable my clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively.

Please feel free to
contact me, or download my resume, with any questions about my work and/or freelance graphic design and website development jobs. I serve South Louisiana—New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

Have laptop, will travel. I look forward to hearing from you.